Since he stepped into professional studio environment, Hakan has been practicing recording, mixing, and mastering in various music genres. Pro Tools education has given him at the university as a part of his course and he self-taught Logic Pro for electronic music production. That enabled him to record and mix as a freelancer in many studios. While he did sessions with Dawn Richards, Hot Rod and Truths hearts, he has also worked in established Turkish Singers' album productions. For example, Nazan Oncel, Murat Boz, Yesim Salkim, and Omur Gedik were some of those artists. From western to authentic middle eastern instruments, he had chance to practice variety of microphone placement techniques and recording methods.


Yesim Salkım - Istanbul’da Ask (2010)
Nazan Öncel – Hayvan (2011)
Murat Boz - Kalamam Arkadas (Asklarım Büyük Benden - 2011)
Ayse Özyılmazel - Sıfır Makyaj (2011)
Gönen Güdal – Bahsetme (2012)
Eren Sandal – Gönlüme Göre (2012)
Burak Yeter ft. Dawn Richard - Speed of Light (2013)


Burak Yeter ft. Hot Rod – Mr. Intenational
Burak Yeter ft. UMAD – Set Me Free
Burak Yeter ft. Man Dengo – Eternity
Burak Yeter ft. Truth Hurts – Everybody
Burak Yeter ft. G-Unit – Only Girl
Yora - Bugün Ep / +Mastering


Bluehost - Tonight feat. Shindu Ep
Irregular Disco Workers - Blindfolded Ep
Deepjack - Dont Look Back Ep
Paradisko - Astropine Remixes
Irregular Disco Workers - Blindfold Ep
Pavel Vishnyakov - Zebra Nebula Ep
Paradisko - Chewing Gun Ep
Umut Akalın – 123 Perfect Ep
Alexandr Mar – I Need Ep
WeGoDeep – Love Lifts Us Up Ep
Umut Akalın – Alaçatı Ep
Genda – Feel Ep
Fabricio Pecanha - 3 a.m. Ep