In addition to his education, being a good listener enables for him to master the music genres and also blend these genres successfully. He has works in a very wide range, such as RnB, Turkish Pop, Dubstep, Deep House. After being satisfied with the song - Meteors -, which he made for Dawn Richards and which was on top 30 in the iTunes US RnB/Soul charts on its first day, Hakan Özkan has been working more for production. He continues his projects in different genres with different names, as well as with his name.

Producer / Arranger

Thousand Fingers - Down (EP)
Paradisko - Astropine (EP)
Paradisko - Night Rider (EP)
Dawn Richard – Meteors (Single)
Paradisko - Chewing Gun (EP)
Thousand Fingers, Le Alen - Everytime EP
Thousand Fingers - 7even EP
Hakan Ozkan – Air is Burning EP
Hakan Ozkan – Dancefull EP

Remix / Remake

Air Zaire - LOVE 94 (Paradisko Remix)
Shindu - Down The Line (Paradisko Remix)
Irregular Disco Workers - Blindfolded (Paradisko Remix)
The Villars - Signal (Paradisko remix)
Umut Akalın – 1 2 3 Perfect (Hakan Özkan Remix)
Smash Tv - Noise & Girls (Hakan Özkan Remix)
Hakan Ozkan feat. Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (Trip-Hop Remake)
Hakan Ozkan - Running to the Sea ft. Serif Arzık (Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør)
Hakan Ozkan - Love Train (Doobie Brothers Remix)
Hakan Ozkan ft. Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Funky Remake)


Sleazy G - Ibıza Sleaze 2015
BlackSoul WMC 2014 Sampler
VA - Dj's Playground - 110% House Music
VA - Play It Loud With Tech-House
VA - Big Tech-House Charts
VA - Underground Most Wanted Vol.03
VA - Tech House Tilt 2013 U.M.A. Music Awards