After working in the Turkish TV series "Arka Sokaklar" for one year as an assistant, he went his own separate way in order to work in different projects. As well as working for the state corporations, such as the Ministry of Sports, Fatih Municipality, he composed music and made sound designs for the short movies. With the sound design made by Hakan Özkan, the video mapping project designed by the company Ouchhh got the Critics Award at the Kernel Festival in Italy, Milano.

Mentalis Structuram // SD
Homeomorphism // SD
Blue Hearted Women ''Requiem'' // SD-C
Istimebul // SD-C
Code:34 // SD-C
City Lights // C
CHP Motion Graphics for CeBit // SD-C
34th Asian Racing Conference Istanbul 2012 // SD-C
Arka Sokaklar // C
Istanbul’un Fatih’i // SD-C
Engel Tanımayanlar – Tolga Murat Balıkçı // SD-C