During his residency in Turkey, Hakan worked in a audio-post production studio over one year and improved his knowledge in composition, sound effects, foley, sound design, and dialogue editing. Later on, he used that experience to do full post-production for Government’s adverts - such as Ministry of Sports - and various shorts that screened at international film festivals. He also sound designed Ouchhh's A/V Mapping Performance “Mentalis Structuram'”that won Critics' Award at Kernel Festival in 2013. Following year, he was part of the sound team of HOMEOMORPHISM A/V Dome Mapping Project, which performed at CERN - The European Organization for Nuclear Research (GenevaSociété des Arts Technologiques (Montreal), and National Space Center UK.

Mentalis Structuram // SD
Homeomorphism // SD
Blue Hearted Women 'Requiem' // SD-C
Istimebul // SD-C
Code:34 // SD-C
City Lights // C
CHP Motion Graphics for CeBit // SD-C
34th Asian Racing Conference Istanbul 2012 // SD-C
Arka Sokaklar // C
Istanbul’un Fatih’i // SD-C
Engel Tanımayanlar – Tolga Murat Balıkçı // SD-C